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Motor powered bicycle is what we are thinking about on this domain.

Home made friction drive bicycle dax like.

                                  Motor powered bicycle

  • I have built 2 motor powered bicycle for next to nothing. Let me share you with you how I did it. the silver bike was a five dollar yard sale bike the blue bike was a free bike someone had thrown away. One engine was from scrapyard metal recycling center cost like 1 dollar. That would be the one on the blue bicycle. The other engine I bought for five dollars it was the entire weed eater from someone who couldn’t get it to work. I virtually use the entire thing for my centrifugal clutch bicycle.

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Motor powered bicycle is a great cheap form of transport.

Sorry for site condition still figuring out how to build. DIY MOTORIZED BIKE

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How to build motorized mountain bike. DIY

DIY Motorized Mountain Bike.

We all have somewhere to get. But if your like me you’ll find that cars are pretty expensive to own and operate. Insurance gas etc. So we will be exploring motorizing mountain bike .

Bicycle are plentiful and cheap in America there isn’t a month of the year when i am out and a bought someone hasn’t thrown one away. Yes set it out on garbage night by the curb. If you keep your eyes peeled you’ll see one probably. And the motor can also found in this manner.motorized mountain bike

All your Materials can be found for free.  Although you will have to have some tools in your arsenal. Drill Allen wrench maybe screw drivers and such. But if you have non you maybe able to barrow from someone.

And still be in the free. You will need some nuts and bolts as well. I collected mine from other non used things and my friends grandpa has a basement and he as well collects them and let me have ass many as i wanted.

So if you explore this site you will be able to understand more fully the construction of your motorized mountain bike project.

Please remember that this site is still under construction from a noob. I will be learning web page construction by building this site. And please if you have ideas or comments ad them to our knowledge base so we may create the best motorized mountain bike possible.

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Motorized Mountain Bike